Alexander Samarin leads Budapest Trophy after short program

Alexander Samarin at the 2021 Channel One Trophy last season. (Photo by Sergei Savostyanov/TASS via Getty Images)

At the international figure skating competition in Hungary – the 2021 Budapest Trophy, 2019 European silver medalist Alexander Samarin leads the men’s event after the short program.

The 23-year-old Russian managed to complete a quad Lutz but received a big negative grade of execution and then doubled his first jump in a double toe loop-triple toe loop combination. Samarin successfully landed a triple axel. He received a score of 74.46 points for his performance.

Three-time Ukrainian national champion Ivan Shmuratko opened his routine with a triple axel but struggled on his remaining two jumping sequences. He doubled the second jump in a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination and received a negative grade of execution for the final triple flip. The 19-year-old received the highest technical element score of 3737 points – compared to Samarin’s 35.71 points – but is currently second with a total short program sum of 73.22 points.

Italy’s Matteo Rizzo had his opening quad toe loop downgraded; however, he landed a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination and a triple axel. The 23-year-old received the second highest program score behind Samarin – 38.35 points, compared to Samarin’s 38.75 points – and is currently in third position with a score of 72.94 points.

Results after short program:

  1. Alexander SAMARIN (RUS) – 74.46
  2. Ivan SHMURATKO (UKR) – 73.22
  3. Matteo RIZZO (ITA) – 72.94
  4. Graham NEWBERRY (GBR) – 70.14
  5. Dmitri ALIEV (RUS) – 69.70
  6. Davidé LEWTON-BRAIN (MON) – 69.09
  7. Jari KESSLER (CRO) – 64.48
  8. Adam HAGARA (SVK) – 60.26
  9. András CSERNOCH (HUN) – 56.42
  10. Andrii KOKURA (UKR) – 54.46
  11. Samuel MCALLISTER (IRL) – 51.63

Judges’ Scores

Ice dance results after rhythm dance:

  1. Allison REED / Saulius AMBRULEVICIUS (LTU) – 72.05
  2. Tina GARABEDIAN / Simon PROULX SENECAL (ARM) – 71.70
  3. Elizaveta SHANAEVA / David NARIZHNYI (RUS) – 69.55
  4. Mariia GOLUBTSOVA / Kiril BELOBROV (UKR) – 66.52
  5. Sasha FEAR / George WADDELL (GBR) – 63.06
  6. Emily MONAGHAN / Iliász FOURATI (HUN) – 60.92
  7. Mariia IGNATEVA / Danijil SZEMKO (HUN) – 60.76
  8. India NETTE / Eron WESTWOOD (AUS) – 47.08
  9. Eleanor HIRST / Anthony CURRIE (GBR) – 46.20

Judges’ Scores

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