Matteo Rizzo wins at Budapest Trophy

Matteo Rizzo at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships. (Photo by Linnea Rheborg/Getty Images)

At the international figure skating competition in Hungary – the 2021 Budapest Trophy, Italian figure skater Matteo Rizzo moved up from third place after the short program to take the gold medal.

The 2018 national champion began his free skate performance with a triple toe loop and triple loop, later landing a quad toe loop and a triple flip-double toe loop combination. In the second half of the routine, the 23-year-old Rizzo completed a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, a triple Lutz-double loop combination, and a triple axel. He received a score of 161.46 points for the presentation and earned a total competition score of 24.40 points.

Fifth after the short program, 2020 European champion Dmitri Aliev began his free skate routine with a quad Lutz, a triple toe loop-triple toe loop combination, a triple axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, and a triple flip. The 22-year-old Russian also landed a triple axel, a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination, and a triple loop. Aliev received a score of 160.93 points and earned a total competition score of 230.63 points.

Leader after the short program, 2019 European silver medalist Alexander Samarin landed his opening quad Lutz-triple toe loop combination and then a triple Lutz. The 23-year-old from Moscow additionally completed a triple axel, a triple Salchow, a triple Lutz-Euler-triple flip combination, a double axel-double toe loop combination, and, lastly, another triple axel. Samarin received a score of 152.35 points for his free skate performance and earned a total competition score of 226.81 points.

Final Results

  1. Matteo RIZZO (ITA) – 234.40
  2. Dmitri ALIEV (RUS) – 230.63
  3. Alexander SAMARIN (RUS) – 226.81
  4. Ivan SHMURATKO (UKR) – 223.29
  5. Graham NEWBERRY (GBR) – 202.34
  6. Davidé LEWTON-BRAIN (MON) – 186.24
  7. Jari KESSLER (CRO) – 173.76
  8. Andrii KOKURA (UKR) – 166.22
  9. Adam HAGARA (SVK) – 163.61
  10. András CSERNOCH (HUN) – 159.11
  11. Samuel MCALLISTER (IRL) – 153.21

Judges’ Scores

Ice Dance; Final Results

  1. Tina GARABEDIAN / Simon PROULX SENECAL (ARM) – 181.05
  2. Allison REED / Saulius AMBRULEVICIUS (LTU) – 181.01
  3. Elizaveta SHANAEVA / David NARIZHNYI (RUS) – 174.90
  4. Mariia GOLUBTSOVA / Kiril BELOBROV (UKR) – 166.33
  5. Sasha FEAR / George WADDELL (GBR) – 160.48
  6. Mariia IGNATEVA / Danijil SZEMKO (HUN) – 150.68
  7. Emily MONAGHAN / Iliász FOURATI (HUN) – 143.51
  8. India NETTE / Eron WESTWOOD (AUS) – 122.02
  9. Eleanor HIRST / Anthony CURRIE (GBR) – 112.19

Judges’ Scores

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