Anna Shcherbakova on 90 Second Challenge question show

2021 World champion and three-time national champion Anna Shcherbakova appeared on the Russian 90 Second Challenge (Russian: 90 секунд челлендж) show hosted by Olympic gold medalist Maxim Trankov, which can be found on the YouTube channel of Channel One.

The objective of the show is simple – the host asks the guest as many questions as possible within ninety seconds.

Translation from Russian to English; video below:

– How are you doing?

– Good.

– What did you do yesterday after training?

– Went to sleep.

– What TV show are you watching now?

– Gathering my strength for Squid Game.

– The perfect breakfast for you is …

– Syrniki. (Curd cheese pancakes)

– Who is the funniest in your group?

– The one who did well in training.

– East or West?

– East.

– Do you get recognized on the street?

– It happens sometimes.

– Would you like to become president?

– No.

– Favorite city or country to perform in?

– Japan.

– Dogs or cats?

– Both dogs and cats.

– The last person who sent you a message before this interview?

– Sister.

– What is your favorite subject in school?

– Russian.

– Hanyu or Chen?

– I don’t know. Both Chen and Hanyu.

– Where is the best place to put your money?

– In stocks.

– The word you say most often?

– I don’t know.

– Who comes to training before everyone else?

– Our choreographer.

– Favorite place in Moscow?


– Current favorite song.

– Many different ones. I don’t know.

– What is your main fear?

– Insects and all kinds of aquatic animals.

– What are you most proud of?

– Medal at the World Championships.

– Your style icon?

– Eteri Georgievna.

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