Sofia Muravieva wins fifth stage of the Cup of Russia series

Sofia Muravieva at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event in Austria on October 09, 2021. (Photo by Jasmin Walter/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

At the fifth stage of this season’s Cup of Russia series in Perm, two of the world’s best international junior level figure skaters performed triple axels and quads – Sofia Muravieva winning the short program event and Adelia Petrosian topping the standings in the free skate event – but Muravieva successfully defended her seventeen-point lead from the prior day to take the gold medal.

Muravieva began her free skate routine with a triple axel and completed it, but stepped out on the landing – receiving a negative grade of execution for the element. The 15-year-old Russian attempted a quad Salchow in her next jumping sequence but fell on the attempt. Muravieva subsequently landed a triple loop and a triple flip-double toe loop combination before falling on a triple Lutz; she commenced her jumping elements with successful triple flip-Euler-triple Salchow and triple Lutz-triple toe loop combinations. The Moscow native earned a score of 133.59 points for her presentation and took the gold medal with a total competition score of 216.64 points.

Second after the short program, Petrosian began her free skate program with a successful quad loop-double toe loop combination – only receiving a one-point negative grade of execution for a quarter under-rotation on the quad. She fell on her following solo quad loop try but completed the remainder of her technical elements with positive grades of execution, as well as earning level four ratings for her spins. The 14-year-old from Eteri Tutberidze’s team completed a triple loop, a double axel, a triple flip-triple toe loop combination, a triple flip-Euler-triple Salchow combination, and a triple Lutz. Petrosian received the competition’s best free skate score of 147.15 points and earned a total competition score of 213.26 points.

2019 European champion Sofia Samodurova was third after the short program and claimed the bronze medal after the free skate event. The 19-year-old figure skater started her performance with a triple Lutz and a double axel-Euler-triple Salchow combination, and avoided falling throughout. Her only two major mistakes came in the next jumping sequences – an under-rotated triple flip and a singled loop. Samodurova successfully completed her remaining double axel-triple toe loop combination, triple flip-double toe loop combination, and triple Salchow. She received a score of 124.89 for her performance and earned a total competition result of 188.39 points.

Final Results

  1. Sofia MURAVIEVA – 216.64
  2. Adelia PETROSIAN – 213.26
  3. Sofia SAMODUROVA – 188.39
  4. Valeria SHULSKAYA – 179.83
  5. Ksenia GUSHCHINA – 177.73
  6. Daria TRETYAKOVA – 158.55
  7. Maria GRECHIKHINA – 152.55
  8. Violetta FILONETS – 145.91
  9. Liana GALIAUVA – 144.65
  10. Sofia SARNOVSKAYA – 143.04
  11. Sofya CHAPLYGINA – 139.08
  12. Yana LIVENTSEVA – 137.06
  13. Ksenia OKLADNIKOVA – 130.64
  14. Elizaveta SHOROKHOVA – 113.93
  15. Daria LOPANDINA – 104.51

Judges’ Scores

Men, Final Results

  1. Artem KOVALEV – 236.88
  2. Matvei VETLUGIN – 204.63
  3. Roman ATOYAR – 199.84
  4. Matvei GILYOV – 186.41
  5. Ivan SOBOLEV – 184.67
  6. Daniil BUTASHNOV – 181.88
  7. Vladimir OSHEPKOV – 169.85
  8. Andrey MUKHORTOV – 165.69

Judges’ Scores

Pairs, after short program:

  1. Ekaterina GEINISH / Ilya MIRONOV – 72.45
  2. Nadezhda LABAZINA / Alexey SVYATCHENKO – 66.44
  3. Polina POPOVA / Ilya KRASNIKOV – 59.28
  4. Varvara MEDVEDEVA / Maxim LOZHKIN – 48.11

Judges’ Scores

Junior pairs, short program:

  1. Ekaterina CHIKMAREVA / Matvey YANCHENKOV – 68.93
  2. Anna KIREEVA / Ilya IVANOV – 58.22
  3. Anastasia KOSTYUK / Dmitry CHIGIREV – 57.41
  4. Anastasia EGOROVA / Rodion MARINSKY – 53.17
  5. Maria DYBKOVA / Alexey Khvalko – 51.98
  6. Evgeniya LOSKUTOVA / Andrey SHADERKOV – 49.25
  7. Sofia SHUBINA / Egor DMITRIEV – 39.49
  8. Zlata ARDASHOVA / Ivan SEMENOV – 38.45

Judges’ Scores

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