Alexandra Trusova on Russian morning television show

2021 World bronze medalist Alexandra Trusova appeared on the Russian morning television show Good Morning. The 17-year-old figure skater answered short and simple questions in which Trusova revealed that she has begun training after an injury and is preparing for the upcoming Russian Championships.

Translation of the interview to English; video from Channel One below:

You have such a wonderful friend, who is with you today? (Referring to Trusova’s dog.)
Cruella. Named in honor of my free skate program.

What is most important for you now?
Of course, to prepare well for the Russian Championships.

And you are recovering from an injury?
Yes, I am recovering, I am already training.

Apparently, everything is fine?

Can Cruella do a quad, is she an ice queen? (Referring to Trusova’s dog.)
She is simply a queen.

How do you motivate yourself for success?
I really love to skate, so it’s not difficult for me to go out on the ice, to train a lot. I try to do my own thing, my maximum, and then the judges decide.

Do you still have time for something else?
I do a lot of things. I have a large family, a lot of dogs, a lot of brothers. I often go out with them on weekends, mostly to laser tag because they are boys.

Do you play hockey?
When there was time, I used to play before.

Why did your parents bring you to the ice, or was it your desire?
I had roller skates at the age of 4, I really liked it, and they decided to try it.

At what point did you realize that you would be a professional athlete?
After the Olympics in 2014. I watched it, I really liked it, and I decided that I want to participate professionally.

Let’s talk about your hair color, it certainly makes you stand out amongst the rest. Can you talk about your new image?
Yes, of course, I always wanted red hair. I have a brother who has red hair and I really like it.

How is the image chosen for the performances?
For programs, I watched both films – both the short program and the free skate program. We also choose makeup and hairstyle.

Do you choose this yourself, or is there someone who advises you?
I almost always choose the image. Eteri Georgievna can say whether she likes it or not, then I make adjustments.

Where will you celebrate the New Year, or will you be training?
No, of course we will have days off. At home with family.

What will you wish Santa Claus for?
I haven’t written a letter to Santa Claus for a long time. I will just try and skate clean.

Trusova began the 2021-2022 season by winning the U.S. Classic competition in September and only performed her short program at the first stage of the Cup of Russia series a week later – placing first but withdrawing prior to the free skate. In October, Trusova won the opening stage of the International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix series in Las Vegas – Skate America – and set a new personal best short program score, 77.69 points. She later withdrew from the NHK Trophy – which took place in mid-November – due to injury.

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