Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva, Alena Kostornaia, and Maiia Khromykh on Russian late night talk show Vecherniy Urgant

On Friday, four members of Eteri Tutberidze’s team at Khrustalny – Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva, Alena Kostornaia, and Maiia Khromykh – appeared on the popular Russian late night talk show Vecherniy Urgant (English: Evening Urgant).

Vecherniy Urgant is hosted by Ivan Urgant and is similar in style to American late night talk shows – inspired by the likes of David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. It airs on Russia’s Channel One and simultaneously streams live on YouTube.

Interview translated to English; video below:

Urgant: There are several news about all of you that are not directly related to figure skating but are related to you. Anya, you jumped with a parachute (audience applause)… while being the hope of the Russian national parachuting team, I want to know how this happens? How does the coaching staff react to this?

Shcherbakova: There is such a story: when Daniil Markovich (Gleikhengauz) found out that I would be in Dubai, he advised what you could do there and at the end he jokingly added: “The main thing is, don’t jump with a parachute.”

Urgant: He laughed and hung up?

Shcherbakova: Yes, that’s how it was (laughs). After that, he said: “I go to Instagram and there is Anya – “Hello everyone, today I will be jumping with a parachute.” But I chose the absolutely safest option – I jumped with an instructor who did everything for me, I just flew.

Urgant: Was it scary?

Shcherbakova: It was thrilling. During the anticipation of the jump when we flew in the airplane and there was a hole in the middle of the plane – it was a little scary. But at the moment of the jump, in general what I was waiting for, I really liked it.

Urgant: Did you want to do some kind of toe loop at the time of the jump?

Shcherbakova: Well, this is my goal for next time (laughs).

Urgant: Well, that was an extreme from Anya. Kamila, a question for you. They say that Kamila drives karts in her free time. This is also dangerous!

Valieva: It is dangerous but I do it very carefully.

Urgant: How fast?

Kostornaia(whispers) 110.

Valieva: I honestly don’t know.

Urgant: Because there is no speedometer in the kart?

Valieva: Yes, it’s a nightmare (smiles). Maiia and I even went karting on the evening before the short program.

Urgant: Scary?

Khromykh: 11 horsepower.

Valieva: 11 horsepower, yes (laughs).

Urgant: 11 horsepower per second, that’s fast. Kamila, you don’t drive alone, someone can drive into you on the kart – here, Maiia can drive into you. Especially since you have performances soon, Maiia can do it on purpose.

Shcherbakova and Kostornaia: Maiia can!

Urgant: Maiia will say: “Oh, Kamila!” Well, isn’t that scary?

Valieva: No, on the contrary, I like it.

Urgant: Maiia, could you tell us about the phrase that became a meme. “Maiia can” – right?

Khromykh: Yes. When I learned the quadruple jump, Eteri Georgievna put it in the group and wrote #МайяМожет (English: #MaiiaCan). And in the Final of the Cup of Russia, I landed two quadruple jumps for the first time, got off the ice, and she said: “Maiia can.” After that, everyone picked it up (smiles).

Urgant: Alena, I want to ask you a question. They say that Alena began to gradually become covered with tattoos. Tell me, what suddenly happened that you, a darling as they say, went under the needle?

Kostornaia: (hit her knee with her hand and put it on her chest) Life has ended (audience laughs).

Urgant: Well?

Kostornaia: Well, I wanted to get a small one for a very long time. Then it kept on increasing (laughs).

Urgant: And that always happens, as Timati says!

Kostornaia: You try once and you can’t stop, well, it’s a nightmare.

Urgant: Coaching staff? I understand that they cannot say “no” because there is no such law, this is your own business. But they can ask: “Okay, write ‘Eteri’ beautifully, write ‘Thanks to Daniil Markovich’.”

Kostornaia: Probably, I have not yet reached the level to write such. Because figure skating will pass but this is for life. They remind me of difficult times, of overcoming myself.

Urgant: So you have a “Maiia can” tattoo?

Kostornaia: No (laughs).

After the interview segment, the figure skaters played the game “Take it here, throw it there.” Host Ivan Urgant and co-host Dmitriy Khrustalyov played against them. The objective was to quickly throw soft toys to each other – the losers were the ones with more toys on their side. Shcherbakova, Valieva, Kostornaia, and Khromykh won 21-14.

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