Lea Serna retains French national title; Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron lead after rhythm dance

Lea Serna at the 2021 Internationaux de France on November 19, 2021 in Grenoble, France. (Photo by Romain Biard/icon Sport)

On the second day of the 2022 French Championships, the women’s title was determined and retained by Lea Serna, while the ice dance event began with the rhythm dance and Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron dominantly took the lead before tomorrow’s free dance.

Leader after the short program, the 22-year-old Serna began her free skate routine with a triple flip, a triple Lutz, a double axel-triple toe loop combination, and a solo double axel. Skating to La terre vue du ciel by Armand Amar and Dawn of Faith by Eternal Eclipse, Serna later completed a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination, a triple flip-double toe loop-double loop combination, and a double Salchow. She received a score of 118.88 points for the performance and earned a total competition score of 181.01 points.

16-year-old Lorine Schild, who still competes on the international junior level, was third after the short program but rose to claim the silver medal after the free skate event. She began her performance with a triple Lutz-double toe loop combination and a triple flip. Later, Schild landed a triple Lutz, a triple loop-double toe loop-double loop combination, a triple loop, a triple Salchow, and a double axel-double loop combination. Having been fourth at the French Nationals the previous two consecutive seasons, Schild received a free skate score of 116.42 points and earned a total score of 171.97 points for second place overall.

14-year-old Lola Ghozali also won her first medal medal at the French Championships – the young figure skater received a score of 101.94 points in the free skate event and earned a total competition score of 159.20 points.

Final Results

  1. Lea SERNA – 181.01
  2. Lorine SCHILD – 171.97
  3. Lola GHOZALI – 159.20
  4. Maďa MAZZARA – 151.68
  5. Eve DUBECQ – 142.79
  6. Julie FROETSCHER – 132.20

Judges’ Scores

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron at the 2021 Internationaux de France at Polesud Ice Skating Rink on November 19, 2021 in Grenoble, France. (Photo by Joosep Martinson/International Skating Union via Getty Images)

Olympic silver medalists, four-time World and five-time European champions Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron lead the ice dance discipline by a giant margin after the rhythm dance – they received a score of 94.48 points, which is higher than the current world record of 90.03 points that belongs to Papadakis and Cizeron themselves.

Already six-time French national champions before this season, the top Olympic favorites lead their nearest competitors by almost eighteen points.

Evgeniia Lopareva and Geoffrey Brissaud are currently in second position with a score of 76.64 points.

In their first senior level season, Loicia Demougeot and Theo Le Mercier are in position to claim a medal at the national championships already – they are currently in third place with a score of 71.94 points. They trail second place by less than five points and lead fourth place by over four points.

Results after rhythm dance:

  1. Gabriella PAPADAKIS / Guillaume CIZERON – 94.48
  2. Evgeniia LOPAREVA / Geoffrey BRISSAUD – 76.64
  3. Loicia DEMOUGEOT / Théo LE MERCIER – 71.94
  4. Marie DUPAYAGE / Thomas NABAIS – 67.40
  5. Natacha LAGOUGE / Arnaud CAFFA – 64.69
  6. Lou TERREAUX / Noé PERRON – 59.43

Judges’ Scores

Pairs; Final Results

  1. Camille KOVALEV / Pavel KOVALEV – 157.49
  2. Coline KERIVEN / Noel Antoine PIERRE – 144.52

Judges’ Scores

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