Evgenia Medvedeva on Channel One’s news report

Evgenia Medvedeva appeared on the news of Russia’s Channel One today. Video footage was shown of her doing physical therapy at a gym and in a pool. The two-time World champion returned to Eteri Tutberidze’s Khrustalny team in September and is yet to make her season debut, which has been delayed due to her returnedContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva on Channel One’s news report”

Participants in the third stage of the Cup of Russia series

The Figure Skating Federation of Russia has published the online scoreboard for this weekend’s third stage of the Cup of Russia series. It finally reveals who will participate in the closed-door competition in Sochi. For all of the latest updates to this weekend’s Cup of Russia stage’s schedule, as well as the starting orders, clickContinue reading “Participants in the third stage of the Cup of Russia series”

Starting orders for Skate America – Day One

This weekend, figure skating fans all around the world will be treated to a lot of high quality figure skating. Las Vegas hosts the opening event of the ISU Grand Prix series – Skate America – for the second year in a row. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changes to the entireContinue reading “Starting orders for Skate America – Day One”

Irina Slutskaya’s interview with Team Russia

Russian figure skating legend Irina Slutskaya has not been involved in the sport lately but the two-time Olympic medalist and record seven-time European champion sat down with the Russian Olympic Committee website teamrussia.pro to talk about the current state of the sport, Russia’s top figure skaters nowadays, and who will be the favorites at theContinue reading “Irina Slutskaya’s interview with Team Russia”

Biography about Alexandra Trusova

At just the age of 16, Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova already has a biography written about her. Russian sports news website sport.ru first reported about the book. It is called The Girl Who Defeated Gravity and is written by Elena Zotova. The 240-page publication is currently listed at 519 Russian Rubles (equivalent to aboutContinue reading “Biography about Alexandra Trusova”

Alena Kostornaia’s training footage

The Angels of Plushenko Instagram account published footage of Alena Kostornaia practicing a part of her free skate program. The 2020 European champion looked healthy, in shape, and finally ready to compete. Kostornaia’s free skate performance this season will be to a mixture of three different songs: Wayward Sisters (from Nocturnal Animals), Dance for MeContinue reading “Alena Kostornaia’s training footage”

Italian Grand Prix of figure skating starts this weekend

With the third stage of the Cup of Russia series and the first event of the ISU Grand Prix season, Skate America, already happening this weekend – more figure skating will take place at the debuting Italian Grand Prix as well Earlier this month, the Italian Ice Sports Federation announced that they will host fourContinue reading “Italian Grand Prix of figure skating starts this weekend”

Matteo Rizzo announces new coach

Earlier this month, Italian figure skater Matteo Rizzo announced that he would no longer be working with his longtime coach Franca Bianconi. Today, the 22-year-old revealed that he has joined Lorenzo Magri’s team in Egna. Instagram post by Matteo Rizzo: My new home. Thank you for welcoming me in this splendid way, coach Lorenzo MagriContinue reading “Matteo Rizzo announces new coach”

Second Grand Prix event cancelled, Skate America is good to go

Already two ISU Grand Prix events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic this season – Skate Canada International last week and Internationaux de France today. Just like in Canada, the French stage was cancelled after the event organizers consulted with local government and health officials about the ability to safely host a competition.Continue reading “Second Grand Prix event cancelled, Skate America is good to go”

Alina Zagitova will not participate in competitions this year

Russian news agency TASS reports two sources have information that Olympic gold medalist Alina Zagitova does not plan to participate in any competitions in 2020. The 18-year-old figure skater announced a suspension of her career following the ISU Grand Prix Final in December of last year. Now, sources are saying she is not planning toContinue reading “Alina Zagitova will not participate in competitions this year”