50th anniversary of Sambo-70 in Russia

Two-time World Champion and returning member of Eteri Tutberidze’s Khrustalny team at Sambo-70 – Evgenia Medvedeva received the honor of raising the Russian national flag for the school’s 50th anniversary. Instagram post by the General Director of Sambo-70, Renat Laishev, and translation to English: Today “Sambo-70” has a big anniversary! Hooray!!! Our beloved school celebratesContinue reading “50th anniversary of Sambo-70 in Russia”

Evgenia Medvedeva’s Anna Karenina

The last time Evgenia Medvedeva performed at a competition with Eteri Tutberidze watching her by the boards was at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. That day, the 23rd of February 2018, Medvedeva was the favorite to win the gold medal but the score she received for her free skate performance was identicalContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva’s Anna Karenina”

Alena Kostornaia training video

On Sunday, the Instagram account of Evgeny Plushenko’s figure skating academy (@angelsofplushenko) posted a video clip of their star student, 17-year-old Alena Kostornaia, skating part of her short program in practice. Kostornaia presented the short program at the Russian test skates. It features a mix of Billie Eilish’s songs – James Bond’s theme song NoContinue reading “Alena Kostornaia training video”

Estonian skater Eva-Lotta Kiibus wins Nebelhorn Trophy

It has been a great weekend for figure skaters from the Baltic States in Oberstdorf, Germany. On Saturday, Estonia’s Eva-Lotta Kiibus rose from third place after the short program to take the gold medal at Nebelhorn Trophy 2020. The 17-year-old, who finished seventh at last season’s European Championship, was behind the leader by over threeContinue reading “Estonian skater Eva-Lotta Kiibus wins Nebelhorn Trophy”

Konstantinova shines in St. Petersburg’s closed test skate

The Instagram page for the St. Petersburg’s Figure Skating Federation posted about the city’s closed test skates on Saturday, and Stanislava Konstantinova was back to winning form. According to the results, Konstantinova received 193.78 points to be at the top of the ladies’ standings. 2019 European Champion Sofia Samodurova was second with 188.56 points, andContinue reading “Konstantinova shines in St. Petersburg’s closed test skate”

Latvian figure skater Deniss Vasiljevs wins Nebelhorn Trophy

Deniss Vasiljevs became the first Latvian to win the Nebelhorn Trophy on Friday in Oberstdorf, Germany. Having started the day in fifth place – the 21-year-old athlete performed a career-best free skate and took the coveted prize. Vasiljevs began his program with a quad salchow and followed up with two triple axels. He kept theContinue reading “Latvian figure skater Deniss Vasiljevs wins Nebelhorn Trophy”

Anna Shcherbakova – behind the scenes at Syzran

Russia’s Channel One (Первый канал) posted a video on YouTube of behind the scenes shots from figure skating’s Cup of Russia in Syzran. The 19-minute long footage follows two-time Russian National Champion, 16-year-old Anna Shcherbakova during the first stage of the season. The video includes clips of Shcherbakova practicing in the mornings of the competition,Continue reading “Anna Shcherbakova – behind the scenes at Syzran”

Update of Alena Kostornaia’s coaching transfer

According to the news agency TASS, in a conversation with the president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Aleksandr Gorshkov – he revealed that the 2020 European Champion’s Aliona Kostornaia’s transition to Evgeny Plushenko’s academy was not discussed in the Federation’s report meeting. Gorshkov, who has been president of the Federation since June 2010, saysContinue reading “Update of Alena Kostornaia’s coaching transfer”

Megasport Arena to host 2020 Rostelecom Cup

Yesterday the Russian Figure Skating Federation announced that the ISU Grand Prix event Rostelecom Cup will be held in Moscow at the Megasport Arena. The 13,000-seat sports palace opened in 2006 and was the home of the Rostelecom Cup from 2007 to 2012. After a brief stint in a different arena in Moscow, the eventContinue reading “Megasport Arena to host 2020 Rostelecom Cup”

Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell are top performers at ISP Points Challenge

U.S. Figure Skating is hosting a domestic virtual competition this year, called International Selection Pool (ISP) Points Challenge. During this event the top American skaters are debuting their 2020-2021 programs in front of national, international, and ISU-level judges for assignments in future international competitions. Each athlete sends in recordings of their program and gets rankedContinue reading “Nathan Chen and Mariah Bell are top performers at ISP Points Challenge”