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Schedule and skaters at Ice Star and Trophée Romand

On the last weekend of October, due to the cancellation of the Canadian stage of the ISU Grand Prix series, all eyes will be on the the smaller international figure skating competitions – Ice Star in Belarus and Trophée Romand in Switzerland. Headlined by Alexei Mishin’s skaters – including 2015 World champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, 2019Continue reading “Schedule and skaters at Ice Star and Trophée Romand”

Tutberidze’s ladies keep dominating – Petrosyan wins junior event

13-year-old Adelia Petrosyan, another up-and-coming figure skating star from Eteri Tutberidze’s Khrustalny, won the junior ladies event at the third stage of the Cup of Russia series in Sochi. Leader after the short program by ten points, Petrosyan landed her opening double axel with both arms above her head. She then completed a triple Lutz-doubleContinue reading “Tutberidze’s ladies keep dominating – Petrosyan wins junior event”

Shcherbakova talks to RIA Novosti after her win in Sochi

Winner of the third stage of the Cup of Russia series, in Sochi, two-time National champion Anna Shcherbakova sat down with RIA Novosti to talk about her mindset, her performance at the competition, and the atmosphere in the resort city. Anna Shcherbakova’s interview with RIA Novosti reporter Anatoly Samokhvalov; translated to English: R-Sport: Anna, theContinue reading “Shcherbakova talks to RIA Novosti after her win in Sochi”

Anna Shcherbakova’s interview with TASS

Two-time Russian National champion Anna Shcherbakova spoke to news agency TASS after winning her second gold medal in this season’s Cup of Russia series. The 16-year-old spoke about mental challenges when trying the Lutz-loop combination in Sochi, the not ideal preparation for this competition, and the future of the season. Anna Shcherbakova’s interview with TASSContinue reading “Anna Shcherbakova’s interview with TASS”

2020 Skate America results

Men (Details): Nathan CHEN (USA) – 299.15 Vincent ZHOU (USA) – 275.10 Keegan MESSING (Canada) – 266.42 Tomoki HIWATASHI (USA) – 245.30 Ilia MALININ (USA) – 220.31 Alexei BYCHENKO (Israel) – 214.62 Alexei KRASNOZHON (USA) – 214.61 Maxim NAUMOV (USA) – 214.27 Camden PULKINEN (USA) – 207.82 Jimmy MA (USA) – 196.98 Joseph KANG (USA)Continue reading “2020 Skate America results”


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