Evgenia Medvedeva enters Moscow State University

On September 1, two-time Olympic silver medalist, as well as two-time World and European champion, Evgenia Medvedeva announced on Instagram that she has entered the Moscow State University. The 21-year-old also revealed that she was accepted into the Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Humanitarian Management. September 1 is known to as Knowledge Day inContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva enters Moscow State University”

Evgenia Medvedeva’s interview in Vogue Russia

The Russian version of the magazine Vogue published an interview with Olympic silver medalist and two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva this week, titled 22 Unsportsmanlike Questions from Evgenia Medvedeva. Written by Daria Komyagina, the athlete talked about clothes, TV shows, and TikTok. Full translation of the article, from Russian to English: Last weekend,Continue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva’s interview in Vogue Russia”

Medvedeva will perform at the exhibition gala at Russian Nationals

Two-time World and European champion Evgenia Medvedeva told Russia’s Channel One in an interview that she will perform at the exhibition gala at the 2021 Russian National Championships in Chelyabinsk on December 27. Medvedeva said: “I will agree to New Year’s shows. This is my motivation to get myself out of a rather serious illness.Continue reading “Medvedeva will perform at the exhibition gala at Russian Nationals”

Evgenia Medvedeva will not take part in Russian Nationals

The Figure Skating Federation of Russia announced the participants of the 2021 Russian National Championships; two-time Olympic silver medalist and two-time World champion Evgenia Medvedeva will skip this season’s Nationals to continue recovery. According to a published citation on the official website of the Federation, Medvedeva said: “Unfortunately, I have to confirm that I willContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva will not take part in Russian Nationals”

Evgenia Medvedeva updated fans on her health

Two-time World champion Evgenia Medvedeva – who has been sidelined this season due to a back injury – made a post on Instagram to update her supporters about her health. From Evgenia Medvedeva’s Instagram story: Medvedeva has been unable to participate at any of the first four stages of this season’s Cup of Russia seriesContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva updated fans on her health”

Evgenia Medvedeva celebrates 21st birthday

Two-time World champion Evgenia Medvedeva celebrated her 21st birthday today. Born November 19 in 1999, Medvedeva began ice skating at the age of three and joined Eteri Tutberidze’s team in 2008. She made her international junior debut in 2013 at the ISU Junior Grand Prix series event in Latvia, winning the gold medal. A fewContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva celebrates 21st birthday”

Evgenia Medvedeva will not compete at Rostelecom Cup

Two-time World champion Evgenia Medvedeva will not take part in the Russian stage of the ISU Grand Prix series this upcoming weekend. The 20-year-old figure skater has not yet recovered from a back injury, which has kept her sidelined throughout the season so far. News agency TASS published a report stating that the information aboutContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva will not compete at Rostelecom Cup”

Gleikhengauz tells media about Zagitova’s training, Medvedeva’s injury, and Instagram

This weekend, Alina Zagitova performed two programs at a gala exhibition at the CSKA Arena in Moscow – an event that also featured Javier Fernandez, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Mikhail Kolyada, Dmitri Aliev, Tiffani Zagorski & Jonathan Guerreiro, and more great Russian figure skaters. The 2018 Olympic gold medalist was joined by choreographer Daniil Gleikhengauz at theContinue reading “Gleikhengauz tells media about Zagitova’s training, Medvedeva’s injury, and Instagram”

Plushenko and Rozanov listed as Kostornaia’s coaches

The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation officially approved Alena Kostornaia’s coaching change to Evgeny Plushenko and Sergei Rozanov. Previously, Kostornaia was listed as a student of Eteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov, and Daniil Gleikhengauz; in the new document, the skater’s list of coaches still contains Tutberidze but now also includes Plushenko and Rozanov. AsContinue reading “Plushenko and Rozanov listed as Kostornaia’s coaches”

Evgenia Medvedeva’s Anna Karenina

The last time Evgenia Medvedeva performed at a competition with Eteri Tutberidze watching her by the boards was at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. That day, the 23rd of February 2018, Medvedeva was the favorite to win the gold medal but the score she received for her free skate performance was identicalContinue reading “Evgenia Medvedeva’s Anna Karenina”